You don’t need to read this;

You don’t need more books. You don’t need more clothes. You don’t need to smoke. You don’t need to eat meat. You don’t need another cup of coffee. You don’t need to check your phone again. Those who show off are showing off the wrong things. Those who are jealous are jealous of the wrong... Continue Reading →


The Rant about ‘The Long Night’

The latest episode of Game of Thrones was stunning, yes, but honestly, judging by the way they fought I wished they had all died. I wanted Night King to die but not in a single episode, not like this. Great work, Arya, epic scene but it seems the writers only cared about you. I wished... Continue Reading →

The Absurd Struggles of a Writer

When I told my mother that I wanted to be a writer, I expected some kind of disagreement. She was not very delighted but she wasn’t angry either. I got a modest and an are-you-sure okay and soon we both forgot about it. Somehow, sluggishly, I finished college and I obtained a degree that said... Continue Reading →

Should you get a Pixie Cut?

He held his scissors and the comb in the other hand and asked, “Are you ready?” “Are you sure?” my hairdresser had asked me. This was five months ago. It was a different hair salon. My hairdresser was a trainee (read cheap haircut). My hair was almost waist length. “Yes, actually, I want it shorter.”... Continue Reading →

When in Rome,

“To the girl sitting at the stairs, You are a fucking goddess.” ~Anonymous Gatwick Airport, London. A woman dressed in black was yelling at someone on her phone in Italian. I could filter out the swear words. And it appeared so could the little Spanish girl standing behind me in the check-in queue. ‘She just... Continue Reading →

My new hobby

Is to think about you, I search for the tiniest of our memories in the remotest corners of my heart stringing them along in a new narrative every day every night like a mini theater in my head, I watch the same films, same characters, same scenes, reach the same conclusion. My new hobby is... Continue Reading →


Fumes and mute conversations Red buses and red buildings Standing amidst Moving adrift Fenced by my earphones The lone star and I Solitude acknowledged in the sky.

A late night thought

Hope is that someday it would make sense Or maybe we'd to learn to accept the senselessness Hope is that someday we would find order in the chaos Or maybe we'd learn to deal with the high entropy What, when, why, how There's no ignoring There's no escaping Things happen; Painful ones, joyful ones, People... Continue Reading →

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