Should you get a Pixie Cut?

“What kind of haircut do you want?” Frank asked me. “I want a pixie cut,” I replied. “What kind?” “I want something soft.” I showed him a few photos. He nodded. He held his scissors and the comb in other hand and asked, “Are you ready?” “Are you sure?” my hairdresser had asked me. This [...]


When in Rome,

“To the girl sitting at the stairs, You are a fucking goddess.” ~Anonymous Gatwick Airport, London. A woman dressed in black was yelling at someone on her phone in Italian. I couldn’t understand what she was saying but I could filter out the swear words. And it appeared so could the little Spanish girl standing [...]

The Movie Premier

We were walking on the streets of London again, still thinking about Mochi. Our tongues craved for one more but we were determined not to succumb to our perverse insatiable greed for this Japanese dessert. “Is today 12th?” Lee asked. “Yes,” I said checking my phone. “I am not sure, I need to check, but [...]

How’s life in England?

“So, how’s life in England?” My phone notifies me of yet another text bearing the same question I've heard daily since the past two months. And I am left wondering, yet again, how the hell do I answer this? How’s life in England? Each day, I wake up with a slight hangover because somehow I [...]

The hot guy at the coffee shop

(And how I would never ask him out) She isn't known for making confident entrances. She steps in as if she has never visited the place before, which is unintentionally a great display of acting on her part. Her face has this perpetual expression of being lost and confused pasted on it. The only hint that [...]

The bra strap

My bra strap is carefully placed across my shoulder blades - for there must not be any upturned parts. Be careful with the hooks, the motherfuckers never get themselves right when they are really supposed to. Be careful, I repeat, set them nicely and don’t let them come off at satanic timings. They have a habit of [...]