Jour Dix huit – Borrowed

Is what I often think all my thoughts are Wearing a façade of temporary originality. But in a population of seven billion, Originality is overrated anyway. * AUTHOR’S LITTLE NOTE: This blog series is a part of a 30 Days writing challenge, which is as depicted by the picture below (Special thanks to Pinterest):


How are you?

What do you mean? I mean I know what you mean but I don’t know. I don’t know how to answer that. How am I? Like the “W” in the word answer. Like the letters - U, E, U, E in the word queue. What’s that expression - French answer to this question? – comme [...]

The little candle

The little candle stood in the day, silently shedding his light, Unnoticed, neglected, He wept ceaselessly for the night, At last when the night arrived, Only then he was remarked, Cherished,celebrated, He happily burnt himself through the dark. Now, disfigured, his body lay In a blissful sleep away Though forgotten, replaced, There are no traces [...]


Disclaimer: I kept hearing from some of my friends that my posts are way too long to read. Well, I can't help with that but it did give me an idea to come up with something that's way too short. So, if you are the kind of reader who doesn't like to scroll much... then this is for you; "Theturquoiseink quotes". What is it going to be about? Well, Quotes and a little more. I guess, you will have to find it out yourself. Happy reading!