Why I will never dream…

I will never leave the comforts of present ,
Or the wise learnings of my luxurious past,

Just to embrace the unknowns and variables of future,
I will never accept the possibilities aghast!

Finding several reasons, suggestions, advice based on experience,
I will analyze and over analyze, all the permutations & combinations,
To and fro, meandering , my thoughts running in circles…
Some casting a dreamy light at zenith, and many pointing to awful abominations.

Resisting, demanding, refuting, commanding,
I will never settle for being just another ordinary,
Nevertheless, don’t expect me to take the steps that lead to the opposite..
Neither dare you tell me that nothing will make me extraordinary!

I will be secretly aware but don’t bring it up,
My deceptive hopes and daydreams will always cover up,
I am content looking at the surroundings, camouflaging immediately,
hiding, adapting, crawling and smiling idiotly,
My retribution – Being just another brick in the wall…
And never accepting the same or living happily at all!
Shush! It’s a secret – let me put up a radiant smile,
If I go on about this publicly, I would be declared whiny and vile!
So let me crack some jokes, make merry, be a little vain,
And please, let me raise the toast to my blatant latent pain.

My headache – A prose poetry

My head aches. My head aches because of the cold, I guess. My head aches maybe because I haven’t eaten. My head aches because I am tired.  My head aches because it is losing its equilibrium trying to change things that can’t be changed. My head aches because my mind has toppled from its balance and its weight is crushing. It aches because the neurons circuitry has fused mistaking hopeless imaginations as reality. It aches because chemical transmitters are sending the wrong signals about different emotions. It aches because my thoughts are brutal and disparaging and they hurt. It aches because my brain is unsuccessfully trying to bulldoze the inner walls wanting to escape.  It aches because my heart bleeds and it won’t stop beating.


My head aches. May I have an aspirin?