Should you get a Pixie Cut?

He held his scissors and the comb in the other hand and asked, “Are you ready?” “Are you sure?” my hairdresser had asked me. This was five months ago. It was a different hair salon. My hairdresser was a trainee (read cheap haircut). My hair was almost waist length. “Yes, actually, I want it shorter.”... Continue Reading →


A late night thought

Hope is that someday it would make sense Or maybe we'd to learn to accept the senselessness Hope is that someday we would find order in the chaos Or maybe we'd learn to deal with the high entropy What, when, why, how There's no ignoring There's no escaping Things happen; Painful ones, joyful ones, People... Continue Reading →

The Movie Premier

We were walking through the streets of London again, still thinking about Mochi. Our tongues craved for more but we were determined not to succumb to our perverse insatiable greed for this Japanese dessert. “Is today 12th?” Lee asked. “Yes,” I said checking my phone. “I am not sure, I need to check, but if... Continue Reading →

I am offended.

If you tell me that I am beautiful, I will be offended. If you tell me that I am ugly, I will be offended. Don’t waste that cheesiness on me - If you do, I will be offended. If you don’t ever, however, I will be offended. Tell me I am too tall, I will... Continue Reading →

Lonely Bunch of Fuckers

Aren't we all lonely bunch of fuckers? Trying to hide from our own demons in each other's company, Trying to find our own selves in others, How does that even work? How does it even end? Our eternal search for eternal connection - something or someone who could save us from destroying ourselves. Aren't we... Continue Reading →

Infinity Loop

The other side of the dream lies another dream lies another clean slate that you need to start scribbling on - Infinity loop According to my disoriented head And according to my head high with hope I am just in a bad mood. The other side of dream lies new sets of insecurities, More shit... Continue Reading →

I am an Alien

Beautiful places, beautiful people, beautiful pictures And I am not a part of it Despite being a part of it My existence - dusted at some neglected corner not meant to be discovered, I stand silent, trying to admire, trying to convince that I am in love with what lays before me An ineffective camouflage... Continue Reading →

Somewhere in the Universe

“You have nothing to say to me?” you asked, sounding a bit surprised. I looked at you and my head jolted me with a series of flashbacks of numerous diary entries, self-conversations and monologues. It’s not like I have nothing to say to you. Perhaps I have a million things to say to you. But... Continue Reading →

The Study Table – III

I II III Life moves on. So, I moved on too – My new destination? A scrap yard. How did I come to be there? Didn’t I tell you that my ex-owner found me too old and too obese for his “renovated” home? He was so sure of my ugliness and my uselessness that he... Continue Reading →

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