Ideas generating lobe of brain! Thou hast crossed all the limits!

So, say, my exams are going on…I want to study but…

How much would you ignore if someone is entering in your room every 30 seconds exclaiming;

” You know you can do that! It’s so nice!”

“No, like really. Leave all this shit and think on this instead!”

“I have got another idea! You’ll love it!”

“So you are ignoring me? But now you can’t because what I am about to say is going”

“Bitch, you can’t stop me from doing this anyway. So, here’s another one.”

“This one! This one would just BLOW. YOUR.MIND”

“I think we can win a Nobel prize with this.”

“OMG. Wow! You have got to hear this out! It’s just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

My self control can’t go through all this. It is NOT designed to withstand a brain exploding with ideas. It is NOT designed to withstand anything for that matter.

And it doesn’t just happen with exams. Exams is not the fundamental criterion. The fundamental criterion is; It happens when it is NOT supposed to happen.Ideas conquer your brain at terribly odd timings.

Like say this one;

I haven’t slept for two days. SO, I go to bed to have a nice little nap. And guess who is back?

You are trying so hard to relax but no you wouldn’t just sleep. There is a non stop chatter box inside that head of yours that can’t just sit silent!

Or this one;

You are traveling by bus and that bus is hell crowded and you can’t even afford to stand but then, at that very moment guess who greets you?

Or this one;

You are terribly late for a function and you really really got to be there like right now and then out of nowhere comes this voice-“How you doin?”

You are like “not now.”

But no, the chatterbox is on and it wouldn’t stop. Ideas are flowing (there is a whole flood) but you can’t keep a record of it.

The weird thing is when they come and strike you, if you don’t pen them down at that moment, ideas are lost forever. Forever.

Probably they go back to the idea courier office to be delivered to someone else at another odd time. Those courier service guys must be sadists.

Why O mind of mine? Why thou loathst me?

We have issues, I get it. But we can sort things out by peaceful methods. What you do to me is not peaceful.

What you do to me is torture.



2 thoughts on “The tales of torture; Brain chronicles-II

  1. Ha Ha! Though funny, you have hit the nail on its head!

    I couldn’t agree with you more when you say that the Ideas conquer our brain at terribly odd timings. I have been there myself a zillion times and its kinda frustrating. You just want that yap yapping to stop and it just doesn’t!

    It sometimes even freaks us out and yet you are as helpless as ever.
    Well, it surely is a torture, but with time, we tend to get used to it! At least, that’s true for me.

    Nice write up!



    1. Sharath, I am sort of getting used to it as well…
      Well, you know what let me tell you a secret- yes, it is a torture but I am secretly glad that at least it happens. I can manage the odd timings but I can’t possibly manage a non-rambling mind. That would be way way more frustrating.
      Cheers to our weird brains! πŸ˜›

      Anyway, thanks for bearing up with the whole article and even commenting after that. Dude, you have my blessings. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


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