A happy ending


I feel like a child sometimes. My hand is held by my fate who happens to be my loving guide and we walk along this beautiful monotonous road that I love so much that I loathe it. I am easily distracted by the things that pass by our journey. And why wouldn’t I be? Grass is so green all around me and the road is so dull! So, I try being stubborn and all -putting forward my desires to leave the road and take a detour among the greener sides. Fate says no. I insist. Fate says no again. I throw some tantrums. Fate is tired  and so she says – Okay go ahead, explore.

I am delighted! My heart is elated! I hurriedly let go of her hand and begin to run towards the unexplored woods, my feet touch the green grass, my hands are not held and I am free to run! To dance! To go anywhere I want! It’s amazing! And it is finally happening to me!And it is at this thought that I stop and look back at her.



I start to walk into the woods again reminding myself that this is what I ever wanted!



And then for no reason or for those reasons that I am not ready to accept just yet I stop and look back again.



Fate smiles; she knows what’s about to happen. I turn my head towards the woods again, I look at it so lovingly – “I am almost there!”


And then I give a sigh and trace my way back to the road. I hold her hands again and we begin to walk.

I tell myself that grapes are sour. I tell myself that the day wasn’t right. I console myself – Maybe tomorrow. Fate senses my sorrow, being the encouraging person she is, she assures me how beautiful the road is going to be. The trueness in her eyes is not deceptive, the dumbness in my perception is just appropriately clandestine ; I am convinced it’s for the best and hence we walk again.

We are walking again, walking again through the road that I loathe so much that I love it.

It’s a happy ending. My happy ending.


4 thoughts on “A happy ending

  1. Sometimes I envy ur mind. The ideas u get are amazing .. n being the expressive soul u r.. u bring them to life… could feel almost every word that u wrote.. It is indeed true.. but sometime someday.. two fates will leave hands to join some other.. n then the road will be the grass u want 🙂

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    • Thank you Aarav! It’s only here that I am comfortable being honest and I am glad these words show that. Your optimism is contagious and I am smiling here hoping that whatever you have said comes true both for you and me.
      P.S. I am super happy over the fact that you still find time to read my blog! :*

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      • I have a talent which I think is getting mature day by day. I have seen people compose..write.. create.. Not only do you all that exceptionally well, but also you have a new perspective and new way to express every time. I think you should start looking at the big picture too (PS: I won’t think twice before reading a book written by you 🙂 ).

        It will come true for sure :).The optimism you see in me got a kick from your words only. So miss Coldplay .. it’s a square one ;). Looking forward to your next post 🙂


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