Another day
Moon sits alone, now the stars are gone,
But a smile brightens her face as he walks in with the dawn…
A brief period of embrace, a much awaited unison,
Clouds dance in joy as they bath in the hues of yellow, orange and crimson…
Then comes the time to bid an awaiting adieu,
The moon dies,
The sun cries,
And the sky grieves into a million mild shades of blue…

The time goes by and the sun continues to storm,
Anger steaming,
Earth burning,
Mad in grief, how could he care about the norms!
But here she comes as if she had never gone,
Tears are no longer sad!
Wild in happiness, he is no longer mad!
Drenched in amazement, he dances in joy!

Madly in love, he is back being a little boy!
The hues comes back, the clouds resume to dance,
Gazing each other, they celebrate their second chance,
But soon they sense something is wrong,
Sun has to go and he can stand no long,

Here comes another time to bid an awaiting adieu,
The moon cries,
The sun dies,
And the sky grieves into a million dark shades of blue…

Stars wonder what to do,
They twinkle realizing they don’t have a clue,
Silently they smile at the painful picturesque parting,
For they know for every love that’s true, end always precedes the starting.”



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