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What is it with Fawad Khan?

Warning; Fangirl  Alert. Kindly proceed ahead only if you really want to.

What is it with Fawad Khan?

What is it with that guy!

I will tell you…I will tell you what exactly it is with Fawad Khan. But before that please allow me to drag you into the dark vicious pit of my fandom -Scary it might seem (And it honestly is) but it will help you understand a bit of my mental state.

There is a positive side to not knowing what to do. And that is- you would do anything to find out what you want to do. It might seem that I am talking about dreams and inspiration and stuff and partly I am but this has got more to do with something more deep and beautiful-Fandom.


Have you ever been through those horrible hours when you are sitting there at your bed or couch and you don’t want to sleep, you don’t want to watch any movie or read or study or cook or become an astronaut or be wonder woman or save the world?

I was going through something similar and with deep reluctance I made myself sit in front of TV and flip the channels. I was getting nothing out of it. I was still shamelessly bored but well, if you have a lot of free time suddenly you really forget to do all the stuff you had once imagined yourself doing and got excited about it while you were really really busy doing something important with lethal resistance.

So, it all began with those sad lazy ungodly hours at noon. I had nothing to do. I was flipping on the channels on TV with my legs dangling across the arms of the couch and with my spine making an uncanny curvature. As I continued to press the buttons at a relatively high frequency , my eyes desperately searched for something enchanting, something, anything pleasant that could drive the boredom away…

And that’s when it happened.

Sometimes at most unexpected times your wishes are granted. I wish at that time I had wished for something less stupid like- 100 Crore rupees? A live and real prince charming whom I could talk to and touch? Some brain? More IQ? But noooooo! I just wanted something “pleasant”, something anti-boredom and there he was.

The frequency of my fingers immediately ‘impulsed’ down to zero. My legs jerked to the floor in surprise (where my jaws were already lying).

When? What? What was I watching?

More importantly whom was I watching!

Who was this perfect creation of god?

Apparently there was (there is) this new channel I hadn’t ever tuned to before and it was called Zindagi. When did this channel come to existence? I have no idea. But I had no time to contemplate about that. I had no reason to contemplate about anything because right before me was a beautiful beautiful face and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

It wasn’t just the beauty or that perfectly handsome face (Okay, mostly it was) but a little bit credit goes to my curiosity as well.

The serial that I was having my first glance at was Zindagi Gulzar hai.

But a handsome face is not good enough for me to get glued to any serial. ( There I said it! But the other person in my head is laughing hysterically saying – Oh! Really?)A decent storyline is must. ( The other person; Who are you kidding dear?) I was not going to watch all the episodes of this serial in a single night.(To the other person- It is true and you know it!). In fact I wasn’t going to do anything about this new celebrity crush of mine at all.

But something made me do something about this…

And that something would be- curiosity.

What made me curious?

An approval from an unexpected fangirl.

I am not the only one whose life has been turned upside down by a serial with a weird name. There are thousands, lakhs of girls like me and many of them DON’T watch serials on a regular basis. And I realized this when this fangirl ( who also happened to be my neighbor) confessed to me that she was watching this serial and she was in love with the lead actor and she was finding the story pretty good as well. This surprised me because she has a very busy life and she is really not much into serial and even then there she was with a staggering confession that just made me do what I was about to do.

And nothing could stop me now. I wasn’t the only victim so screw it!

And nothing stopped me.

I watched the entire series in a single night.

After I had finished watching it, I was experiencing an alien feeling of admiration and that is when my fandom shot to next level.

Next thing I know was – I was watching more of Fawad khan’s serials. I was reading about him. I was watching his interviews. I was drowning more and more into fandom.

More and more and more.

Just to catch few more glimpses of Fawad khan I was ready to watch a Sonam Kapoor movie in theater. (And I did)

Fandom and the things that fandom could make you do. DO NOT EVER UNDERESTIMATE THEM.

So, I guess we can now come back to the original point – What it is with Fawad Khan?


The fact is he is very handsome.

The fact is his voice is really seductive.

The fact is the way he speaks Urdu is agonizingly beautiful.

The fact is he is an amazing actor.

The fact is he has a killer smile.

And all these facts together are more than enough to induce a fatal fandom.

The crazy thing about fandom is that nobody understands it unless she/he herself/himself is a fan.

So, I am not going to share any photos.

I am not going to share any videos.

I am not going to suggest you to watch any serials. (Though you could totally watch some scenes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai on YouTube. You should)

^Maybe I just did.

But you are not obligated to do what I am suggesting. However, the sad part is unless you do it, you would never have the answer for-

What is it with Fawad khan?

Go home random non-fan, go home.

This ain’t no place for you.


Author’s note;

Sometimes you have to let your fandom out. It’s an essential survival technique.


11 thoughts on “What is it with Fawad Khan?”

  1. Interesting article but you missed one thing. The way he gazes 🙂
    You know, I missed ZGH (I thought oh he is just good-looking) but then, I watched Behadd. I must say, he is a complete package!

    Loving Humsafar n Looking forward to the ZGH marathon on Sunday! Zindagi channel is a refreshing change. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True that saloni!!! He is simply AMAaaazzziNGGG…<3 he gives THE goosebumps 🙂 I m not a TV fan and I havn’t seen or heard of that channel yet,but yes after reading this post of yours,I surly will 😉
    P.S I fell for him the moment I saw Khoobsurat :*


      1. Saloniiii _ Could you please write another article about him ? ♥ You write so eloquently :* Please please write more about Fawad Khan , a small one will do. It feels wonderful to know that others feel the way you do 😉


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