Things that I don’t understand – IV

Fluid mechanics. Office politics. And heart Black holes. Black-heads. What existed before big bang. And heart. X-men movie timeline, Donnie Darko and why I suck at receiving compliments. Complex philosophical theories. The Tree of Life movie. And my procrastinating habits. I glance at my phone again. Its screen is plain black with light reflecting through... Continue Reading →


An Ode to the Deadlines

So long I had postponed Owing to the mispositions of stars Or maybe just the urgency to complete utterly unnecessary tasks A day after another after another after another Until you came finally, As you had, once upon a forgotten time, forewarned So, here's to the panic to the parade of chaos that you have... Continue Reading →

The art of procrastination-II

Tired of wishing for years and years to be a non procrastinator, I finally realized that it was time to give up! If procrastination is such a deep rooted habit of mine that even nuclear bomb explosion can't get it destroyed, I figured I should probably fool this awful habit into helping me instead of ruining my life. Want to know how? Read on...

The art of procrastination

There are many things that exist in my priority lists almost every day. Completing assignments, reading ‘word power made easy’, going through the notes of power system analysis and reading the chapter from the textbook ( Pointers! Pointers! You need to improve those petty little single digit horrible things!) Et cetera, et cetera. And somewhere... Continue Reading →

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