Things that I don’t understand – II

Fluid mechanics. Office politics. And heart. Black holes. Black-heads. What existed before big bang. And heart. So, what’s the most popular topic available in the market for us average folks? Politics? Partly. Sports? Partly. Game of Thrones? Yes, definitely. Shit, this post should have been about that. But, okay I settled for the second best... Continue Reading →


Things that I don’t understand

Fluid mechanics. Office politics. And heart. Heart because I remember how I waited for this day like one waits for a train when he is in absolute hurry; when he looks at his watch so frequently that his growing impatience is almost invoking in him crazy ideas for genocide. I have waited for this day... Continue Reading →

O Heart!

My dreams are too heavy My will isn't strong enough to hold that weight Let me take that baggage off my shoulders My struggle to breath is tiresome Let me go back to the oceans before I die, I am the trapped fish in an imaginary net I know it’s not a good idea; My... Continue Reading →

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