I am offended.

If you tell me that I am beautiful, I will be offended. If you tell me that I am ugly, I will be offended. Don’t waste that cheesiness on me - If you do, I will be offended. If you don’t ever, however, I will be offended. Tell me I am too tall, I will... Continue Reading →


The Sunset

Sure, it’s beautiful - This ending day; Crimson, Magenta Tiffany, Tuscany Why are the birds departing already? Wings dispersed like charcoal ashes in the air, The street lights shining like a long diamond necklace along the roads. There’s moon on the other side The love birds must be exchanging a cheesy dialogue or two. This... Continue Reading →

The Love Song

You are into her before you even know it, You love her before you even know what love is, You aren't sure of course, Sometimes it's so easy to just be a pervert, Sometimes it's so easy to put your friendship on sale just to get rid of some momentary bouts of loneliness. Friendship? What... Continue Reading →

Things that I don’t understand – IV

Fluid mechanics. Office politics. And heart Black holes. Black-heads. What existed before big bang. And heart. X-men movie timeline, Donnie Darko and why I suck at receiving compliments. Complex philosophical theories. The Tree of Life movie. And my procrastinating habits. I glance at my phone again. Its screen is plain black with light reflecting through... Continue Reading →

Infinity Loop

The other side of the dream lies another dream lies another clean slate that you need to start scribbling on - Infinity loop According to my disoriented head And according to my head high with hope I am just in a bad mood. The other side of dream lies new sets of insecurities, More shit... Continue Reading →

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