The Rant about ‘The Long Night’


The latest episode of Game of Thrones was stunning, yes, but honestly, judging by the way they fought I wished they had all died. I wanted Night King to die but not in a single episode, not like this. Great work, Arya, epic scene but it seems the writers only cared about you. I wished the other characters could have done better things than screaming at Viserion, discussing their marriage, and warging into crows. Bran – what the fuck bro? What is your three-eyed-raven-ness supposed to do anyway? Whatever happened to ‘You won’t walk but you will fly’ shit? The best of characters were there at the same place on the same side fighting this epic war; the greatest warriors, the greatest strategists, the greatest advisors, the smartest minds – All in Winterfell – for what?

How I wished killing the Night King would have been a bit more difficult! How I wish it was a beautiful collaboration between Bran, Arya, and Jon. How I wish, wish, wish the living at Winterfell had thought of better strategies – digging up deep trenches, lighting them with fire, setting up more traps, using the two fully grown dragons to their full potential. One could fight against Viserion. One could burn off the dead. Something, anything better than sending the whole Dothraki army on a suicidal mission, when Jon and Dany knew what was coming, what was out there, and how futile it would be. And they knew Night King would come for Bran, why did Melisandre have to put that idea in Arya’s head?

And the Night King, the supernatural, the super warg, the unburnt, the dragon slayer, the father of undead – who the fuck knows who he is? Will we ever know now? What was he planning to do with an eternal night anyway? What is this enmity between him and the three-eyed raven that he had to leave his security and kill him himself when any wight could have killed the damn cripple? I wish Night King had made it to the south, and met Cersei and destroyed her ‘Golden’ Army – just so Cersei could have known what was coming. And maybe then, all the living would have finally teamed up and defeated the Night King together. Cersei returns to being the bitch she is and the Game of Thrones continues.

Cersei is a good villain. But Night King was a great antagonist too and he deserved more victories, a harder death. I may be going too far with this but Night King was symbolic, the climate change of our reality, our DayQueen, the long boiling summer. Night king represented that grave danger that’s above politics, but far more pressing than anything else. Dead with that dagger, eight years vanished in a few seconds. Just like that. Was it really so simple?

But of course, I must be patient. I must remain calm. There are three more episodes to come. But I just had to say this.


2 thoughts on “The Rant about ‘The Long Night’

  1. Yeah. Some of the military strategy was ridiculous. Like, were they just going to send the Dothraki into the battle with their arakhs not made of dragon glass or Valyrian steel? Until Melisandre showed up, it seems so. And why was Ghost with them? He has teeth. We know only dragon glass or Valyrian steel works. Lazy writing. And yes I expected all the characters to die who did die, so I wish a big one died too as a massive shock. The night king shocked me, because I didn’t expect that. I don’t think anyone did. 7 and a half seasons of being told that death – the threat from the north – was far more important than inter house squabbling, only for a massive deus ex machina moment from Arya to save the day. Badass, but what the fuck. Now Cersei is the big threat? Nah. The night king was a one dimensional villain, but lately Cersei bores me. Nothing but “we’ll crush our enemies.” Have to say. I’m very surprised. The shock value wasn’t there, along with decent lighting. I’m still a huge fan, and I’ll reserve total judgment until the end, but was expecting a lot more shock from this episode. Perhaps the biggest shock was Samwell fucking Tarly surviving. A bit ridiculous

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  2. I don’t understand why is Ghost anywhere anymore anyway. Just a visual treat, I guess? Cersei should have been in Winterfell, going by her past experiences, she could make a bigger explosion than Dany’s two dragons combined. (That would have helped so much with this war! Did people in Winterfell know nothing about Gunpowder?) Cersei as the big villain was okay in the beginning. But now at the end? After seeing whatever we have seen? With all the strong characters on one side and she on the other side alone? It doesn’t fit in!
    Characters aren’t thinking anymore – lazy writing, you are right.
    I am so disappointed, Cersei should win – and yeah, who knew she was stronger than NightKing all along.


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