I would like to pour you on to the phrases of my writings;
Carelessly, till the pages are soaked wet with you,
You might worship me or might not even recall my name,
But I would still endlessly use your metaphors in my poems…
Wrapped (or strangled?) in the loving arms of my words,
I would like to place you together with fragments of my utterly diverse emotions,
A careful blend of imagination and honesty,
And noone could ever guess who you could be (not even you).
And I might succumb to the sanity of senescence,
But I would like to make sure that you never age,
Slowly and steadily as you get drenched in the ink of my pen,
I would like to give you a snippet of my ending life
while I take away your mortality forever and beyond.

Hope you don’t mind.

4 thoughts on “A writer’s delight

  1. I love your metaphors!!

    ‘Pouring’ someone in your writing, ‘drenching’ someone in the ink of your pen, ‘wrapping in the loving arms of your words’ !

    These are a reader’s delight! 🙂


    1. Hahahahaha, I never saw this the other way round! Now, when I am reading this through a reader’s perspective, it suddenly seems to be a different poem. Ah! Thank you! :*


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