Struggling to hold my shelter and off it goes away with you,
Teasingly your mates shower over me as if some revenge had been due,
I scowl and then I laugh,and next thing I know is I am running away with you,
Today we will forget, today we will celebrate,
Today we will get drowned in the beauty until eternity ends the date.

I come across the smiling green trees, I walk across scented soil,
I look above and find your dark grey mates, innocent and yet spoiled,
Off somewhere the sun rests, relieved that you all are finally here,
Off somewhere hidden, he lovingly peeks at the kids dancing as his burning heat isn’t there…

The streets are mirrors, and little ponds are everywhere,
Nascent grass caress the edges, and you run like you no longer care,
I am sneezing, I am wet and someone in my head is asking me to go,
But you own every ounce of my love; I hear my heart screaming no.

 Underneath these wild laughter, with you, under the filtered sunshine,
I laugh asking you to drench me in your tears as I quietly give you mine,
Nobody will know, nobody can guess,
And we will secretly weep in each other’s arms whispering that everything is fine.

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