Things that I don’t understand – IV

Fluid mechanics. Office politics. And heart Black holes. Black-heads. What existed before big bang. And heart. X-men movie timeline, Donnie Darko and why I suck at receiving compliments. Complex philosophical theories. The Tree of Life movie. And my procrastinating habits. I glance at my phone again. Its screen is plain black with light reflecting through [...]


How’s life in England?

“So, how’s life in England?” My phone notifies me of yet another text bearing the same question I've heard daily since the past two months. And I am left wondering, yet again, how the hell do I answer this? How’s life in England? Each day, I wake up with a slight hangover because somehow I [...]

Day Nine – ALL CAPS

I probably can make a list on you A list that goes long Long enough to make counting tiresome I could mention all sorts of your annoying habits Oddities, weird hobbies Your insensitivity, bad timed sarcasm Your ill sense of humor Your general arrogant indifference Your disrespect, your pretense I could write it all But [...]