Yellow bird

To the beautiful bird I accidentally spotted.You took my breath away.You really did.


The painting

A tiny little poem ( I mean it) about love, ignorance and regret. When it comes to poetry, something evacuates the happiness out of me which often leaves me wondering whether it is happiness I seek or sorrow. Well... Anyway, for now lets just get back to the poem and also my 50th post! (*Self five*)

Grieve no more, oh heart!

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I have cried, I have regretted, I have cursed myself over and over and wished to die. But then, amongst all the blues, I find this poetic mysterious alter ego of mine that never ceases to remind me that all nights have dawns and things are never that bad, This poem is the one I read when I feel most depressed. And all of a sudden, all my worries are gone. Hope it does the same to you.

A little

This is one of those poems that I wrote in my darkest time.... I was confused, lost and couldn't recognize my own emotions and feelings... And I didn't know, I absolutely didn't, what I was supposed to do. And there was this question that nobody but I could answer except that I didn't know how.. What would you do when you have no idea what to do?

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