How are you?

What do you mean? I mean I know what you mean but I don’t know. I don’t know how to answer that. How am I? Like the “W” in the word answer. Like the letters - U, E, U, E in the word queue. What’s that expression - French answer to this question? – comme... Continue Reading →


I am so fucking jealous!

I am so jealous of your pretty face, of the perfect way you put your eyeliner, of your lipstick shade,of your ear rings and your bangles, of your body, of your amazing dressing sense. I am so jealous of your photographs on facebook, of beautiful places and beautiful people, of your bike rides, video diaries,... Continue Reading →

My headache – A prose poetry

My head aches. My head aches because of the cold, I guess. My head aches maybe because I haven't eaten. My head aches because I am tired.  My head aches because it is losing its equilibrium trying to change things that can't be changed. My head aches because my mind has toppled from its balance... Continue Reading →

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