Day Nineteen – Apathy

Under my ignorant understanding of the world, And pitiable generalization of humanity, I find myself openly craving for this amazing trait. Could be that what once we saw as ‘expectations’, Had just been an evidence for how one once cared, But nevertheless, solicitousness is engraved with sin And unnecessary hurt And unnecessary pain And indifference! [...]


Jour Dix huit – Borrowed

Is what I often think all my thoughts are Wearing a façade of temporary originality. But in a population of seven billion, Originality is overrated anyway. * AUTHOR’S LITTLE NOTE: This blog series is a part of a 30 Days writing challenge, which is as depicted by the picture below (Special thanks to Pinterest):

Day Sixteen – Feint, Margin

I remember I had been a blank page once I remember having enjoyed that kind of independence; Being an open forum For a doodle, a diary entry, a poem, a couplet, a story, a scrapbook, a sketchbook And further endless possibilities that I wasn’t even aware of! My blankness! My cluelessness! Things that I mysteriously [...]

Day Fifteen – My first time

And all those movie inspired fantasies shattered – (A few pieces are yet to be swept off the floor) When I was held close Flirted with Repeatedly told how amazing I was Half intoxicated, Half infatuated, And when I was first kissed The world might have stopped People might have disappeared I might have heard [...]

Day Twelve – Orange Fizz

I stare, with repugnance at the little girl, uncannily resembling me from the past, and how she gulps down the Orange fizz, too sweet to even be tasted, with such obnoxious enthusiasm. I stare in disgust - How the young woman, somewhat resembling me or rather how I think I might look in the future, gulps down [...]

Day Ten – Unreliable witness

Brain is a funny little fella, I tell ya! He proudly flaunts off all the things he can store Claiming that they are as they were Always advocating his trustworthiness Quoting the things, he swears he heard Showing the things, he swears he saw But they may be nothing but pretentious projections He might say [...]

Day Nine – ALL CAPS

I probably can make a list on you A list that goes long Long enough to make counting tiresome I could mention all sorts of your annoying habits Oddities, weird hobbies Your insensitivity, bad timed sarcasm Your ill sense of humor Your general arrogant indifference Your disrespect, your pretense I could write it all But [...]

Jour huit – The leather binder

The leather binder Containing the blank beautiful pages within, Stares at the idiot world beyond the shelf His eyes fixated at a robust stupid roughbook which isn’t embarrassed about its ‘recycled’ complexion or half torn pages. It’s ugliness lands him with half written stories and spontaneous scribblings, Dreadful doodles and pathetic poetry, And meanwhile the [...]