Confessions of a little sister (Blog Edit a.k.a heavily censored version)

The 2nd post of “Patna Chronicles” blog post series As the title suggests, I am here to make some stupid confessions as a sister and then console myself by doing some crap poetry…

“I know Hope is a loner, wanders from streets to streets,
But being the foodie that he is, he will come back to eat!

So, what is it you fear, bud? They all are there with you,
It’s a bright sunny day out here, don’t sit back there in blue…”

Remember! Remember the bricks & walls!

This is the tribute to the place that witnessed me transforming from a kid to an adult.I owe my first memories to this place. I owe my best of times to this place. I owe myself to this place. But all I can do is say good bye. And start over a new life.

“Remember the lights and the sounds of merriment,
Bon fire, colored sand and the smell of the sweets,
All with you! All with you!
Everything in her life takes her back to you.
Learning to write, learning to read,
Learning to draw and to sing and to dance,
All with you and all these things….
Comes to an end with one last glance.”

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