The Puppets

In this brief moment, when the puppeteer above has paused his show thinking about what his next move should be, the puppets below stand still and shocked at their absolute inability to move on their own. For the first time in their lives, they realize how badly they mistook their actions as their own voluntary... Continue Reading →


That Bastard hope!

Hope isn't a friend, my friend; Even the popular norms can be misleading. Hope isn't the guy you can trust; Sometimes, even strangers are less deluding. Sure hope can gift you blissful dreams; Dreams which are capable of making your hearts flutter with joy, Shooing away all the things that might have got you annoyed... Continue Reading →

The Park

Do not judge her based on her aloofness or hostile temperament. If she asks you to stay away, try not to be offended. She doesn’t hate you, it’s just that she is not used to your unexpected presence. And if, despite her meaningless hostility, you still decide to stay with her, you would slowly and... Continue Reading →

O Heart!

My dreams are too heavy My will isn't strong enough to hold that weight Let me take that baggage off my shoulders My struggle to breath is tiresome Let me go back to the oceans before I die, I am the trapped fish in an imaginary net I know it’s not a good idea; My... Continue Reading →

How are you?

What do you mean? I mean I know what you mean but I don’t know. I don’t know how to answer that. How am I? Like the “W” in the word answer. Like the letters - U, E, U, E in the word queue. What’s that expression - French answer to this question? – comme... Continue Reading →

A writer in the cubicle

You know what? Maybe some of us are not meant to be the leaders. Maybe we just exist to follow, and why not? Leaders need that. Maybe some of us are not supposed to have those “great and immortal” dreams. Maybe some of us are indeed ordinary and we will die ordinary. Maybe some of... Continue Reading →

Your human existence?

Your human existence is running out of evidence as your tales fade away when I pass them to others, and others, preoccupied, don't pass to another, as words die at the tip of my tongue when I try to recall the songs since long unsung, as I toss and topple through a restless night, and... Continue Reading →

I am so fucking jealous!

I am so jealous of your pretty face, of the perfect way you put your eyeliner, of your lipstick shade,of your ear rings and your bangles, of your body, of your amazing dressing sense. I am so jealous of your photographs on facebook, of beautiful places and beautiful people, of your bike rides, video diaries,... Continue Reading →

Just a sucker for conversations

Conversations, we are having it over tea, maybe over a puff of Marlboro, maybe over coffee, maybe over that dinner which I am too busy to eat because I am listening to you. Conversations, maybe the reason why I accepted your friend request or swiped you right or went on all those dates or made... Continue Reading →

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