Day Thirteen – Camp

 Away from the concrete jungle I stay tugged in green, Away from the honk and horns I stay lulled by the sound of the silence Away from the dust or drainage I stay intoxicated by the smell of the forest There are no trains to catch or any buses to miss There aren’t any appointments [...]


Day Twelve – Orange Fizz

I stare, with repugnance at the little girl, uncannily resembling me from the past, and how she gulps down the Orange fizz, too sweet to even be tasted, with such obnoxious enthusiasm. I stare in disgust - How the young woman, somewhat resembling me or rather how I think I might look in the future, gulps down [...]

Day Eleven – Catastrophic

Dear Brain, You are a mess. You are utter chaos tied together with a band on the verge of breaking. Your excellent ability to act like pendulum is remarkable. Or rather remarkably reproachable. Can you stop oscillating for once? For once! I don’t intend to demean you. I am not saying you aren’t talented at [...]

Day Ten – Unreliable witness

Brain is a funny little fella, I tell ya! He proudly flaunts off all the things he can store Claiming that they are as they were Always advocating his trustworthiness Quoting the things, he swears he heard Showing the things, he swears he saw But they may be nothing but pretentious projections He might say [...]