Let her explode.

My oh my! Look at that girl, Look at that girl being so shy, Reserved, antisocial, the one who doesn't give a damn, The cool one, the coolest one, who doesn't have the fear of "missing out" Ah! Trapped inside the shell, despite being outside it, often, so often, so often! How does it feel [...]


Bleached white

Over and over, every single day, She walks down the same hallway, The days have passed but the clocks have stopped, Even she finds her footprints carelessly mopped, Memories are soaked, washed and bleached white, Thinking about them, analyzing every night, So aware and yet she clings on to the past, Delightfully watching the painfully [...]

Hasta la vista Losers!

Four years of college, four years of "educational trip", four years of emotional harvesting and four years of figuring out who I am - My engineering in a nutshell. I know it hurts to think that it has all ended but read on to find some inspiration and maybe a little smile on your face.