Hasta la vista Losers!

Four years of college, four years of "educational trip", four years of emotional harvesting and four years of figuring out who I am - My engineering in a nutshell. I know it hurts to think that it has all ended but read on to find some inspiration and maybe a little smile on your face.


Where is the I in your I?

How many days have you forgotten? How many days are there to forget? How many deeds have got you deceived? How many are there that you regret? Crushed under opinions, hidden behind good impressions, Caught up in denial, under vain beautiful expressions, The clock is ticking; the so-called time is flying by… And yet you... Continue Reading →

The Orange Sky

I was busy capturing the beautiful sky in my camera and at the same time my mind was capturing something else and so was my heart. The result; This poem. Spontaneity is a bliss.

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