Day Twenty Five – Thunder

Is what I would like to steal back from you
If only I could stop sulking in the corner,
Most probably unintentionally ignored
But ignored anyway.
And as you continue to let others drink on your stupid stories
And let them marvel at your amazing ability to hold their attention,
Which by the way, you have brutally snatched away from me in the process
Conveniently overlooking the fact
That originally I was the principal reason for this celebratory gathering,
I would like to curse you a bit more in my head,
While I get more champagne for you and the others,
Refill the glasses,
Throw a charming smile,
And say, “Cheers!”


This blog series is a part of a 30 Days writing challenge, which is as depicted by the picture below (Special thanks to Pinterest):
Writing challenge - May'17

The Bonus

The most annoying tune in the whole world is of my alarm. The most annoying time is 7:00 A.M. The most annoying things are the first few drops of the cold water assaulting my skin when I step into the shower. The very act of dressing up, dragging myself to the bus stop and waiting for that god damned cart while blinking at the idiot sky and homo sapiens walking around, when I should have ideally been asleep under the loving warmth of my blanket, has staggering vexation embedded right into its DNA. Our cart when it finally arrives, takes us all cattle to our farm – wherein we will munch on our fodder on the keypads of our laptops or on the calls on our smartphones and passionately quack over irrelevant topics (about which nobody really knows) or the spicy gossips (about which nobody really confirms) on the tea breaks. And then we will submit ourselves to be milked till our whole ‘work-life-balance’ gets completely annihilated or something and we will settle permanently inside the farm engaged in a perpetual day-dream of someday kicking our manager with our hind legs and leaving the premises forever with a two-legged swag. My cubicle, my sack of hay, my means of living, my catalyst of procrastination is dear to me and I hate it. I hate it when I have to come back here every morning and stare at it as well as at the face of a new disdainful day. I hate it when I have to arrange the sack of papers at the corner of my table which stays useless until the moment I throw them away. Then I hate being part of these immensely popular things called meeting. Meetings; Unofficially defined as nothing but a formal event for all the barking, quacking, squeaking, cackling, neighing, mooing, braying, croaking, cawing and everything else that can be categorized as the antonym of the word “productive”. And today is no different. I am going to graze on this same tasteless grass. Lick the same bitter water from the container decorated with the algae at the bottom. I am going to plough the same way over my forged spreadsheets and try my best to wipe my legs drenched in mine or somebody else’s dirt on someone else’s skin through my e-mails and double bleats. I am going to follow the same routine. I am going to caress the feet of the different customers who might have different faces but they all have the same habit of picking on every bit of our brains. Hell! Look at me whining and constantly bleating! When did I become such a pathetic goat? I almost remember being human once. Though as far as I can recall, everything had always been like this – A monotone; the gray ceiling, the gray walls, the grayer complaints of fellow cattle of how they hate mooing around here and how they would like to leave and explore the greener farms outside but they just don’t. Because let’s face it – no farms are green. Not for the dumb witted animals like us! We exist for the sole reason to get forcibly fed and be butchered later to become a meal. At least, I hope that meal is delicious. But let’s fret not. Let’s adapt ourselves to our fate. And let’s laugh hysterically at a joke we didn’t really get but our manager oinked it with such affection that you just had to show the entire population of teeth in your mouth. And let’s learn to passionately blame the other ducks or the hens or the buffaloes or the cows or if we dare, the ‘favorite’ dogs for anything that turns out wrong and that way we can keep ourselves out of all the troubles all the time. And if you are diplomatic and pretentious enough, you might also grab an undeserved promotion! Vous comprenez?

With this long trail of complaints and gloomy thoughts dangling behind him like a long tail, Amar slowly walks to the bus-stop. When the bus arrives, shining in the ironically cheerful combination of grays, Amar sits on the same seat – fourth from the last, listening to the same playlist that hasn’t been modified at all since the previous year. His eyes, engulfed in a darker circle of brown, droopy from lack/over-abundance of sleep closes immediately with the cradling of the moving bus. He falls asleep with his head leaning on the glass window, mouth half open, earphone wire dancing along with the bus and also complementing a long thread of saliva emanating from his lips. He breaks away from his brief slumber when the bus finally halts at the office. Groggily, he leaves his seat and takes reluctant steps towards the thing that provides him both a comfortable life and an equally uncomfortable state of mind. Before beginning the day’s work, he stops at the smoking zone. After converting two Goldflakes into ashes, he suddenly recalls how he had resolved to quit smoking. As if blaming the cigarette butt for his own lack of will power, Amar thrusts it on the bottom of the ashtray angrily. When he finally inaugurates his day by clicking open his inbox, his eyes start hurting immediately. The day has just begun, and eight more hours need to be spent staring at this screen – How would he accomplish that? His mind wanders back to his delightful morning thoughts –

Vous comprenez? Non! Je ne comprends pas! Why should the undeserved be promoted? And get the highest incentives? Why should the meetings be unproductive? Why can’t the grass be green here? Why can’t the managers be inspiring? Why can’t this job be exciting? Why can’t-

Ping! The vibration of his cellphone diverts Amar’s train of thought to another route. Without even bothering to look at the content, he starts cursing the SMS(s) too – How they practically spam his cellphone and take up so much of space! And what do they convey anyway? That there’s a sale at the mall where he will never go? Or the special offer at the pizza place that he absolutely detests? Or the discounts on the brands that shall remain too expensive for him to afford even after the reduction in their prices?

The message today, however, says something else entirely – something that is going to brighten the rest of his day for a change.

“Your account XXXXX1111 has been credited with …”

He is both surprised and shocked by this message. Not because this message has been sent at an unusual day. It is 30th after all and this SMS was thoroughly expected. But what has left him surprised is the slight change in the order of digits which has led to a figure that bears significantly higher value than his usual monthly salary. A bit excited and at the same time apprehensive, Amar asks his team mate –

“Hey Bhavna! Did you check your salary?”

“Yeah, I received the bonus as well!”

“Wow, what is it for? Any idea?”

“Our project!”

The confirmation on the fact that his salary is not a mistake results in a mild smile on Amar’s face. His annoyance and desire for a break from his monotonous life turns into reluctant appreciation as well as gratitude towards his manager and office. Suddenly the farm transforms into a workplace and the surrounding cattle turn into people-

I guess the most beautiful day is the 30th of the month. The most pleasing message is not of a proposal or confession of love but the bank telling you that your account has been credited with a good amount of money. I wasn’t being completely honest when I was talking about this place earlier. Morning blues, one can say. You know when you work on your project, dedicating your days and nights to it, being showered with all kinds of weird obstacles and yet when you are able to succeed, you can’t help but feel a certain kind of satisfaction seeping right into your heart. And when this hard work is finally recognized, transforms us all cattle, I mean people, from being employees to being proud engineers. Sure, work can ask too much from you sometimes. But isn’t this work the reason why your personal life exists? Yes, we all get carried away in emotions. Sometimes being here isn’t very pleasing. We get furious. We get disappointed. But we can’t always keep looking at the troughs of the waves, can we? My cubicle, my corner of inspiration, my means of living is the center of my existence. Here, I admit it. Sometimes, days aren’t that bad – they are merely a little challenging. Here, I admit it. Sometimes, I even love coming here. Here, I admit it. So, today is different. Today is the day when I am confessing all this –  that it’s not always a monotone. That the grass, right here, can be green. That people here can indeed be people.

Wait. Why am I being this joyous? It’s just a little of extra cash, that’s all!

But isn’t fifteen a decent amount?  We could do a lot of things with it. Go on a short trip maybe. Or buy Arpita a surprise gift. Or maybe a saree for Ma? Or maybe I can buy those speakers I had been wanting to for so long! There are these plethora of options to explore suddenly! It’s good. It’s good.

Amar spots Rohan passing by his cubicle, he excitedly asks him about the bonus hoping that he hasn’t been given any and he would get to witness an amusing expression on his face.

“Hey! Rohan! Did you hear about the bonus?”

“Yeah! I got 25! Cool, no? Didn’t expect this at all!”

With his jaws dropped to the floor, Amar unsuccessfully tries to conceal the shocked expression on his face. The figure 25 echoes so loudly in his head that for a moment he isn’t sure if it is his thought or he is actually speaking out loud.

Rohan got twenty-five?

The person who did nothing, NOTHING AT ALL on the project got twenty-five?


T-W-E-N-T-Y-F-I-V-E? And what is mine? A fucking charity?

Amar gets up from his cubicle, heads straight towards the smoking zone. “Nothing has changed of course! The undeserved will always be rewarded! And the actual talent, well, the actual talent will always be greeted with a few pennies or not even that! Fucking bullshit these people! Fucking bullshit these animals! Fucking bitch this job!” He angrily mutters as he takes the last puff from his third cigarette and resumes making a mental To-do-list for the day.


 Author’s little note: You can find the other two stories of Bitch Trilogy here.

The high profile controversy of inked finger Selfie

Voting, especially for the first time, can be a very exciting experience. The little blue mark on your index finger of the left hand( that turns from “Yayy! I voted” to red, brown,black and finally to “This thing should get off now, I need to get my manicure done” ) gives you a very proud feeling. You know because voting is a good thing. People have fought for that. People have sacrificed their lives for that. It is our well earned right. So, if you are not voting just for ” who would go to that stupid school in such a hot day”, then you know you are not a smart person.

But I am not here to create awareness about voting. Please, I care the least about that. I am here to talk about whether I should upload my inked finger selfie or not because on the social networking sites, people have associated them with ‘an act of disrespect and carelessness towards the nation’

“It’s a shame people have voted only for changing their Dps not for changing the ‘system'”

Changing Dp to changing system; Yeah, Because when I went to cast my vote the other day,I was thinking of the angles in which I will get myself clicked. And oops! I don’t remember whom I voted for!

Sadly, that is not true. Uploading an inked finger selfie IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO not caring about the country.

Uploading an inked finger selfie is equivalent to ” I love to show people that I voted because I like to assume they care too much about what I do everyday and they would be very much delighted to see my photo even if I know that is exactly not the case”

I am not defending this inked finger selfie trend because I am a selfie freak myself ( which by the way, you might have got from my tone that I am not. I am quite opposite of it. I have never in my life photographed myself. I do not even have the famous “one-piece selfie”). I am defending it because sometimes I am just too tired of ‘reading’ ( exact term would be seeing) the statuses/ tweets that drips with concern. Of course, the person posting them is concerned! But about the wrong meaningless issues.

Half of the population doesn’t get to eat in our country, and all you can think of is selfies and how bad they are?

Uploading selfie is too mainstream and quite irritating. I agree. But having a debate over why should they be uploaded is a stupidity.

And since that is exactly what I am doing here, so I am stupid too. But I am not “for” or “against” anything. I am neutral and  what I want to say is-

‘What wrong has an inked finger selfie done to our nation?’


It is just another form of self expression. You don’t find it good?You find it too hard to tolerate?

Then you know, don’t give it the honour of getting into your nerves. Selfies do not deserve it. You are too cool for that. Ignore them and move on.

You don’t want to follow the trend. Then don’t. But please don’t associate meaningless issues with them!

IGNORE. Don’t take the extra load of changing people’s habits on you. If you really want to bring a change then go by the old rule; Be that change.

A note from the author:

In reality, I don’t actually care about what people do on social networking sites. But I figured I needed to write something for the blog.So there it was!

Quite frankly, you can post whatever you like, whatever shit that is on your mind anytime, anywhere. After all self expression is a delicious delight. The more you eat, the hungrier you get! And what are social networking sites for anyway! To debate over stupid issues?HELL YES! To post shitty statuses? HELL YES! To upload heavily edited but still bad Photos? HELL YES!

One might make fun of your posts but then they are people like me and they have nothing better to do.





But still, I would like to say-

“Uploading an inked finger selfie and the youth of the country being in a sorry state because they just don’t care about the nation?”