I don’t miss home,

Of course I don’t miss home, Though it’s cold out here but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I miss the warmth. Of course I don’t miss home, Yes, I confess that the green bed of my dorm, The matching duvets and pillows aren’t as somniferous as the violet hues of my room, The humongous pin [...]


Finally home!

Fourth in the series of PATNA CHRONICLES; this is the Continuation of the story of how difficult it is to travel in India. It's huge, it's dreadfully populated and the old Samskrit Shloka that said that traveling is the hardest thing to do makes total sense here. And this traveling does not just refer to the actual distances, it also refers to the journey of life. Here I share the difficulties I overcame and I am trying to overcome in both of these traveling aspects...

Remember! Remember the bricks & walls!

This is the tribute to the place that witnessed me transforming from a kid to an adult.I owe my first memories to this place. I owe my best of times to this place. I owe myself to this place. But all I can do is say good bye. And start over a new life. "Remember the lights and the sounds of merriment, Bon fire, colored sand and the smell of the sweets, All with you! All with you! Everything in her life takes her back to you. Learning to write, learning to read, Learning to draw and to sing and to dance, All with you and all these things…. Comes to an end with one last glance." Click to read on..