The Love Song

You are into her before you even know it, You love her before you even know what love is, You aren't sure of course, Sometimes it's so easy to just be a pervert, Sometimes it's so easy to put your friendship on sale just to get rid of some momentary bouts of loneliness. Friendship? What [...]


Just a sucker for conversations

Conversations, we are having it over tea, maybe over a puff of Marlboro, maybe over coffee, maybe over that dinner which I am too busy to eat because I am listening to you. Conversations, maybe the reason why I accepted your friend request or swiped you right or went on all those dates or made [...]

Connecting the dots; A tribute to the past

So close, yet so far trying to relive through the moments that will never come back, Going distant, and distant and distant like the milestones along the road growing small... I am gazing through the back seat of a car, and slowly forgetting where the milestones are... it's not fair, these images in my head, [...]