Dead lives,

Dead lives, dead leaves, Scattered across the grey streets, On a soulless journey to nowhere or everywhere with the winds sweeping them onto different destinations With the time decaying them back into life; Just so they could fall lifeless once again. What do you hope to find in this circular maze? How are you different... Continue Reading →


Your human existence?

Your human existence is running out of evidence as your tales fade away when I pass them to others, and others, preoccupied, don't pass to another, as words die at the tip of my tongue when I try to recall the songs since long unsung, as I toss and topple through a restless night, and... Continue Reading →

Death is a frequent visitor

Death is a frequent visitor I have seen him walking  by from time to time, Sometimes I gaze at him through my window, Hide immediately when he glances back, Sometimes at my neighbor's, he drops by, And with a charming smile he waves me hi, Like a teen-aged girl my heart flutters And a moment... Continue Reading →

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