The Study Table – II

I II Life moves on. So, I moved on too – After he left, his room was converted to cater paying guests. My new user, a girl, wasn’t very studious. The stains on me - You can attribute almost all of them to her. Before I met her, I was aware of just one use... Continue Reading →


The Study Table – I

I Truth be told, I admit that I am not the kind of thing who gets a lot of attention. And hence, receiving the same from you seems almost surreal. I can’t remember the last time when I received that look of admiration that you currently seem to hold. I am flattered, thank you. But... Continue Reading →

Things that I don’t understand – II

Fluid mechanics. Office politics. And heart. Black holes. Black-heads. What existed before big bang. And heart. So, what’s the most popular topic available in the market for us average folks? Politics? Partly. Sports? Partly. Game of Thrones? Yes, definitely. Shit, this post should have been about that. But, okay I settled for the second best... Continue Reading →

Sex, Orgasm, Atoms and the Universe

"I bet you get a lot of action." I winked at her expecting her vibrant blush. Instead she replied as if it was a matter-of-fact, “True. It’s like a habit now. I can't even remember when it all started. You know, I can’t even count my ex-boyfriends anymore,” she chuckled. "Wow. That many?” I replied.... Continue Reading →

How to open the door the correct way

I am sitting on the pot, locked inside my bathroom clutching an unusual realization with me, “I am going to die today.” I am aware that it’s a bit uncommon thought considering the location. After all, relief is what they call is a bathroom’s real forte. But I am far, far, far away from that... Continue Reading →

“What is wrong with your choice?”

I step into the coffee shop for maybe the twenty seventh time (Actually, one hundred and twenty seventh time) and I find my usual spot in the corner; a small table adorned with two yellow chairs which lies next to the turquoise wall and to the right of another similar set of table and chairs... Continue Reading →

Things that I don’t understand

Fluid mechanics. Office politics. And heart. Heart because I remember how I waited for this day like one waits for a train when he is in absolute hurry; when he looks at his watch so frequently that his growing impatience is almost invoking in him crazy ideas for genocide. I have waited for this day... Continue Reading →

Feminism; The bullshit – III

I It hurts, Just a bit of her reputation When you see her socializing, it’s obviously flirtation When you say she was seen going to the boss’s cabin too often When she was seen laughing a little more than she should have Some say they even saw them holding hands And from the way she […]

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