Mountains and Valleys

Mountains and Valleys; As I walk across the crowded narrow roads, Wondering if the trees are too tall Or the leaves are too green, Wondering about the animals and birds I have never seen Trails, stones and grass and leaves The red roofs and the pretty homes The monks dressed in red and yellow The... Continue Reading →


Surat rediscovered; Dutch cemetery

Who were those people who had once been so important that their death resulted in the creation of a whole cemetery? They must have been pretty significant but now as I look around it seems that all they have left behind is a cemetery with disappeared epitaphs, faded hues, discolored walls, plaster rainfalls, broken and... Continue Reading →

Finally home!

Fourth in the series of PATNA CHRONICLES; this is the Continuation of the story of how difficult it is to travel in India. It's huge, it's dreadfully populated and the old Samskrit Shloka that said that traveling is the hardest thing to do makes total sense here. And this traveling does not just refer to the actual distances, it also refers to the journey of life. Here I share the difficulties I overcame and I am trying to overcome in both of these traveling aspects...

The general bogie

The third in the Patna Chronicles series; this is the dreadful tale of how I traveled back to my home, (a part of which I discussed in "Patna, the hotel California"). If you have traveled through the general bogies of Indian railways, you would understand my pain and the reason why I ended up writing whole post on it.

Confessions of a little sister

The 2nd post of "Patna Chronicles" blog post series As the title suggests, I am here to make some stupid confessions as a sister and then console myself by doing some crap poetry... "I know Hope is a loner, wanders from streets to streets, But being the foodie that he is, he will come back to eat! So, what is it you fear, bud? They all are there with you, It’s a bright sunny day out here, don’t sit back there in blue…"

Patna, the Hotel California

If this has got you thinking in any way that I am going to compare Bihar with California, then just grab a gun and kill me. I am here to share the stories of incidents that happened in Patna, a place thousand miles away from California, figuratively and literally. And the incidents that happened here were so life imprinting that I decided to write not just one but FOUR posts on them. This is first of the fantastic four and also the most irritating, infuriating and the funniest of all.

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