My heart’s a dumb brute

Author's brief observation: I know that lately, I have been writing too many poems, but I can't help it. I have nothing to say but words pour out anyway. I think sometimes I care so much, so much that ironically I begin to care less. This sentence doesn't make sense but believe me it happens. [...]



There's a line in Kane and Abel (the famous novel by Jefferey Archer) ; Sometimes it's an advantage to be disadvantaged. Does this line also imply that sometimes it's a disadvantage to be advantaged? Here is my opinion: (I promise it's not boring. I promise it's not entertaining as well. But I promise it's worth your time 😉 )

Surat rediscovered; Dutch cemetery

Who were those people who had once been so important that their death resulted in the creation of a whole cemetery? They must have been pretty significant but now as I look around it seems that all they have left behind is a cemetery with disappeared epitaphs, faded hues, discolored walls, plaster rainfalls, broken and [...]

The general bogie

The third in the Patna Chronicles series; this is the dreadful tale of how I traveled back to my home, (a part of which I discussed in "Patna, the hotel California"). If you have traveled through the general bogies of Indian railways, you would understand my pain and the reason why I ended up writing whole post on it.

Patna, the Hotel California

If this has got you thinking in any way that I am going to compare Bihar with California, then just grab a gun and kill me. I am here to share the stories of incidents that happened in Patna, a place thousand miles away from California, figuratively and literally. And the incidents that happened here were so life imprinting that I decided to write not just one but FOUR posts on them. This is first of the fantastic four and also the most irritating, infuriating and the funniest of all.