Human Skin

Is it just the human skin? Or is it the character altogether? Because each year, In fact each day, I find that I am growing more stupid along the way, Each day, each minute, I find myself to be a bit different, possibly better or so to say, Each minute, each second, The change in [...]


Let her explode.

My oh my! Look at that girl, Look at that girl being so shy, Reserved, antisocial, the one who doesn't give a damn, The cool one, the coolest one, who doesn't have the fear of "missing out" Ah! Trapped inside the shell, despite being outside it, often, so often, so often! How does it feel [...]

I am an Alien

Beautiful places, beautiful people, beautiful pictures And I am not a part of it Despite being a part of it My existence - dusted at some neglected corner not meant to be discovered, I stand silent, trying to admire, trying to convince that I am in love with what lays before me An ineffective camouflage [...]

Day Thirty – Sunglasses

I can see people looking at you (Myself included) I am busy finding flaws in the perfect shade of your lipstick My jealousy refusing to admit my futile efforts in doing so My weeping flats and your proud stilettos, My over-sized jeans and your figure embracing dress, My disheveled backpack and your ultra-stylish handbag, My [...]

Day Twenty Nine – Nom de plume

Nom de plume For escaping into being someone you wish to, Or into someone you wish you weren’t, Or someone you truly are Or someone you simply aren’t Or for those stories which your name can’t associate with itself, For your cowardice and enigma Or simply for your general dissatisfaction against your original nomenclature. Nom de [...]