Day Thirty One – The last one

I had the hardest time thinking about what to write in this one. It’s the last one, after all! How should it be? Should it be a happy one? A hopeful one? A weird one? A sad one? A grateful one? A special one? Of course, I couldn't figure it out. So, pardon me for [...]


Day Thirty – Sunglasses

I can see people looking at you (Myself included) I am busy finding flaws in the perfect shade of your lipstick My jealousy refusing to admit my futile efforts in doing so My weeping flats and your proud stilettos, My over-sized jeans and your figure embracing dress, My disheveled backpack and your ultra-stylish handbag, My [...]

Day Twenty Nine – Nom de plume

Nom de plume For escaping into being someone you wish to, Or into someone you wish you weren’t, Or someone you truly are Or someone you simply aren’t Or for those stories which your name can’t associate with itself, For your cowardice and enigma Or simply for your general dissatisfaction against your original nomenclature. Nom de [...]

Day Twenty Six – The Black Ink

The black ink Printing an accidentally smeared finger on the page, Visible from the dyes seeping into the corners of my nails, Or the ideas lying uncovered by a few binary signals Or simply an ugly scribbling at the end of the book - Is the temptation, the treasure, the teacher, the possession, the obsession, [...]

Day Twenty Four – Novice

So many hours I might have spent walking, watching, learning. So many observations, I might have made, So many theories, I might have formulated, And proposed each one of them to the people I know Some nodded hysterically Some threw a disagreeing smile Nevertheless, I remained what I am I remained what I was. When [...]

Day Twenty Three – Neon

Neon isn't the group of colours that blends, One obviously needs to stay away from these weirdos, Brighter than the brightest, And too wild to match the class of pastels, Who wouldn't be embarrassed about their awful fluorescence? Tone it down, Neon! Why can’t you be a bit normal, Neon? But Neons wouldn't utter a [...]

Day Twenty Two – Tin Can

Is where I keep oddest of things To retain most mundane memories, It’s amazing how these little things Otherwise known as garbage Can transform into a source Of such unanticipated recollection And a smile And maybe a few tears Blooming beautifully out of the blue. * AUTHOR’S LITTLE NOTE: This blog series is a part [...]