Day Twenty Three – Neon

Neon isn’t the group of colours that blends,
One obviously needs to stay away from these weirdos,
Brighter than the brightest,
And too wild to match the class of pastels,
Who wouldn’t be embarrassed about their awful fluorescence?
Tone it down, Neon!
Why can’t you be a bit normal, Neon?
But Neons wouldn’t utter a word against your criticism.
These folks are not known for their argumentative skills, after all.
But accompany them to the kingdom of the moon—
Where all others transform into nothing but gray-scale,
When all others wander lost in the dark,
Neon glows
Luminescent as ever.


This blog series is a part of a 30 Days writing challenge, which is as depicted by the picture below (Special thanks to Pinterest):
Writing challenge - May'17

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