Day Sixteen – Feint, Margin

I remember I had been a blank page once
I remember having enjoyed that kind of independence;
Being an open forum
For a doodle, a diary entry, a poem, a couplet, a story, a scrapbook, a sketchbook
And further endless possibilities that I wasn’t even aware of!
My blankness!
My cluelessness!
Things that I mysteriously cherished no longer exist.
How do I explain my feint & margin?
It was never a choice,
I remember I rebelled
But I must have been overlooked
I must have been overheard
The ink that was inflicted on me
After all, bore good intentions
Intentions that predicted that I would be written upon always
With some scientific formulae or literal allegories
I am supposed to a student’s best friend
Nurturing his education,
Building his success,
But rather I am covered in drools
Or sentences that don’t make sense
Or scribblings carved out of frustration
How do I explain my feint & margin now?
It must have been overlooked,
It must have been overheard,
You see? Your forceful dreams or foretelling abilities can’t really change my destiny
Feint, Margins and I couldn’t have been more blank.


This blog series is a part of a 30 Days writing challenge, which is as depicted by the picture below (Special thanks to Pinterest):
Writing challenge - May'17

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