Green Eyes

Your eyes have a little of green in them. Actually, no. Your eyes have a lot of green in them. And to me it seems to be one of the seven wonders. Of course, that might have went a bit too far, I agree, but you should at least appreciate the rarity of that color combination, especially in the land of blacks and browns.

I am sure that I am not the only person upon whom your eyes have had such an impact. People must have told you. Maybe you are used to it but then again I would like you to know that the adjective – beautiful- is a sad understatement for your eyes. 

What I wanted to do when I saw you was linger a little longer. What I wanted to do was to catch one more glimpse of yours and one after that and maybe one more after that and guiltily one more after. But I couldn’t have done that without making you uncomfortable. So, I didn’t. As I looked at you, I realized that half of me was stunned by the sheer beauty of your eyes and other half, well the other half, was soaking wet with  jealousy – my materialistic brain doing the mistake of comparison again and shamelessly asking why my eyes couldn’t be like yours. Well, we can’t have all the good things, brain! Can we? And even if we do, we won’t appreciate it. At least the lack of it makes us notice its beauty and be amazed by it.

I was wondering about you and exclusively about you but bet you didn’t even unconsciously felt that I was passing by. And why would you? First, you were busy talking to your friend and second – How many of us remember the faces of people we see at the railway station? I wonder how you would have reacted if I had told you exactly what I felt. But a normal person wouldn’t have done that, right? I have been trained well for almost never expressing my thoughts truly. So, this thought of complimenting you never even crossed my head. I continued to walk. I turned back to catch one last glance but your friend was standing in my line of sight. Oh! How I wished she wasn’t! I turned and never looked back again. If I had the courage to go to you and praise you on your face, I would have told you  that they put a genius up there just to create your eyes. A bit of sap green in the palette, you mix a little of yellow in it. Not too much; don’t make it too bright or too light. Then you paint it throughout the circumference of your eyeball. You let it fade inwards into the brownish grey background of your hazel eyes. The green slowly diffuse into the grey. Use the thinnest strokes! Use the best paint brushes! The grey has a bit of brown in it, remember! Blend it well. And in the middle, there’s your pupil; jet black. Even if I try a million times I can’t paint it the perfect way despite the fact that the image of your eyes is pinned inside my head. That’s how beautiful, enigmatic, attractive, unusual, amazing your eyes are.

It’s been quite many days since I saw you and I think, I think it’s difficult even for me to believe that your eyes were indeed the way I saw it.


That’s what the other person in my mind says. You are exaggerating turquoise ink! You caught her glimpse. Just a glimpse that might not have even lasted a second! Could be that her eyes were not actually green at all! Maybe it was just the light in that angle playing with your eyes. Thought of that?

Why is it always so difficult to believe that something amazing (howsoever trivial it is) did touch our lives? Why is it so hard to accept that? I don’t face the same problem if something terrible happens. How is that fair? In our perception of our own selves, we are worth everything worse but not for anything that’s even minutely better. Interesting.

This random note on my cellphone is the only evidence that I did come across you. And I am glad that I captured you here.No brain, there is no exaggeration. My words are my camera. And this is an unedited photograph.

Right. And what a shame would it be if she was wearing contact lens the whole time.


One thought on “Green Eyes

  1. Loved it! Your whole thought process on the thing and your expression..:) Esp your description of the was so vivid…that mixing of colours in a palette and painting the eye…and how you gave it a depth by relating it to our general inability to accept the possibility of the existence or occurrence of beautiful and wondrous things in or around us… Also the touch of humour at the end…;) 🙂
    Beautiful! 🙂


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