A rainy day in the office

Author’s stupid note:

Something new with my newly wedded office life – tiredness is my best friend and routine is my beautiful wife and with all this change I present to you; my recently conceived hate for rain and my almost first nearly rhymeless poem too…
P.S. Tell me you missed me! If you didn’t then lie…Lie to me!

So I came around on one fine rainy day expecting something or maybe nothing at all,
The drops fell easy, but the rain hit hard,
Oh my wet little shoes, my expensive pricy watch!
My thousand bucks shirt clinging to my arms,
My hands wrapped around my bag protecting “my precious” (laptop),
Damn you rain! Such a crazy crazy bitch!
Damn you clumsy season! Such a sadist sadist witch!
Never it struck me then, I am surprised it strikes me now;
Where are my dancing little feet gone?
Where are those arms growing out of the windows?
Where are my paper boats? The raincoats I never wore?
Monsoon came and I welcomed it with a scowl,
The first in the long list of new fouls,
Who cares though? The haste, the bittersweet taste,
Hours fly by, more admirable clouds hover above now;
Dark and dry, weightless and yet heavy,
they never rain; exactly catering to the ‘mature’ demands of mine,
Stupid me I still whine.


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