That another Idea advertisement.

I recently happened to watch an interesting ad on television;

If you are too much into procrastination right now, let me provide you with the video link. You can go and check out the video yourself. But if you don’t want to then that’s even better because I am going to describe the advertisement below anyway. And it will be more fun to read that.

The amazing ad.

So, what happens is that there is a guy who doesn’t get into an engineering college. So what he does is- He begins studying at IIN. What’s that you ask?

IIN is basically Idea 3G internet connection.

So, he studies all the engineering stuff on the internet and  in the end he ends up making a talking flying delivery robot.

How touching! :’)

The reason that I am writing a whole post about this ad is because it struck a chord with me. I mean it’s so optimistic. I have tears in my eyes right now!


A guy doesn’t  get into an engineering college and he ends up making a drone because of internet meanwhile, in a ridiculous world that I know of, a guy does get into an engineering college and he ends up studying shit because of Internet.

Oh! How much I hate that unrealistic world!

In the real world, of course, when you are provided with an internet connection you will right on get into studying. You would definitely not log in to Facebook or Youtube or online movie streaming/downloading sites or music streaming/ downloading sites or Stumbleupon or Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram or theturquoiseink blog ( What?  That blog is really nice) or any of the other similar sites. You just wouldn’t do that.

We need to close Engineering colleges right now. In fact, we need to close every freaking college we know of. We have IINs silly! We can study anything! Why should we waste so much of money on college!

I know what you are thinking of right now.

“Knock it off! Turquoise ink! This ad isn’t that bad. It doesn’t really convey that colleges are of no use. The message is- If you do want to learn, you can always learn at IIN ”

I know. I know. I know.

Idea does try to make sort-of “Inspirational” Ads and I like that about them. But at the same time, you have to agree that they are also silly.

But then it’s an ad! Who cares!

Well, yeah..True that.

But I have to mention that I am exceptionally impressed by Idea. They gave us “Honey Bunny” ads. They gave us “What an idea Sirji!” ads. There was also one beautiful something 121 Idea store ad. There were those “No Ullu Banawing” ads. And all these advertisements were well……. Idea moves me every time. :’)

Anyway, I know I need to stop it now. I wrote a whole post on an advertisement and I have just reached another level of “What the fuck did I just write” game.

In my defense, I would like to say that it’s fun to talk about silly insignificant things. You should try it yourself!  But remember I did manage to convey serious message-

We need to DROP OUT OF college right now and refrain everyone else from admitting in them as well. Colleges need to be closed. We are all going to IIN baby!

Okay, I am exaggerating. I am aware of that.

Stopping in…









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