On public demand (sort of); What did I do this Diwali?

Well, I am not going go into too many details because you know, I don’t want to. But I will give you bit of a summary.

I provided assistance in making Rangoli like I always do. I also provided assistance in the home cleanliness drive unlike I always do. I was also involved in home decoration shopping. (Ever since I have moved into my new home, I think about bedsheets and bed-covers and vases and flowers and cushions and curtains a lot. My ideal shopping destination is no longer a garment shop. It’s home decor shop! ) I helped in making Gujiyas and laddoos like I never do.  And I fell in love with David Guetta’s “Lovers on the sun” and “Dangerous” and Avicii’s “The days” and Maroon 5’s “Sugar” and listened to them on repeat and I am mentioning this because I am listening to these songs right now. Watched The Lego movie 4 times and I don’t know why I mentioned that. Played Pictionary and lost but had fun. Being an environment unfriendly person, I also fired crackers and had a fun bon fire afterwards.

And mostly I procrastinated a lot.

Go! Prooooooooooocrastination!

But the point is; This Diwali was fun. 🙂

Anyway, here are the photos of Rangoli we made this year. We decided to keep it short and simple for some reason I don’t know.  But that’s okay I don’t really care about the size I just care about the fact that it is made.


The with-the-Diyas Top view.



The-without-the-Diyas-and-with-my-sister’s-foot Top view



The with-a-bit-of-glimpse-of-living-room Top View


And  I am ending it here because I intend to  keep it short as I am not really in a mood to write like nowadays I always am.

Sighing and Signing off,




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