What is it with the butts?

So, I hadn’t even recovered from the trauma of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and I slipped back into coma with JLo’ s “Booty”. I know partly it was my fault because the name “Anaconda” might have deceived me before but the name- “booty” bears no such deception. When you click play you know what is going to follow.

My bad. My bad.

But the deed is done, the crime is committed and I admit that my act demands a retribution. And I am paying my penance already; Having watched so many butts in a single month, my brain and eyes are in such miserable state  that I can’t even begin to describe the extent of my dismay.

I don’t get the idea behind these kind of videos. Nicki Minaj and JLo are both like incredibly famous and successful, so I am safe to deduce that it’s not instantaneous fame they want . They are well known already! Some of their songs have been my favourite ( superbass, starships, Waiting for tonight) The fact that they are extremely talented and yet they would sing such sick songs and allow  such sick music videos to be made is a bit mind boggling. But I guess we can work the reasons out;

Artists are not machines. They can’t be at their best all the time. Even machines can’t be at their best all the time! SO, yes, I think  they must be going through some kind of Singer’s bloc where they don’t get anything good to sing.

And then they must have conceived this crappy idea and among all the other ideas that had been popping into their heads, they must have thought it to be one of the greatest idea ever. What they did not realize was that it was the greatest idea ever but among the greatest worst ideas.

But sometime later they must have realized that the song that they thought to be so great wasn’t that great after all.

And since now they were aware it was pathetic they compensated it with even more pathetic video.

It’s a well known fact that- Pathetic Pathetic cancels out. And that explains the popularity of the videos.

Nicely planned, ladies. Well done.

But what should I do as a traumatized viewer? Where do I seek justice?

Sadly, there is nothing I can do. To recover a little maybe I could watch some parodies and laugh it off but a crumpled paper can’t be straightened out.

The mark is going to be there forever.

According to the principles of altruism, I should probably prevent others from watching these videos but this isn’t going to happen because-

A. I am not an altruist.

B. Even if I had been, the plan would have backfired because of well known laws of reverse psychology.

If you haven’t watched the videos (which I doubt), then the moment you finish reading this, you are going to watch it and find out what’s it all about.

I’ll save you some trouble. Here are the videos( and I hereby declare you my fellow traumatized comrade)  And I am sorry. My extreme apologies.


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