How much selfish are you?

There is this person who is incredibly selfish. And he can say this so proudly not because he is a fan of Ayn Rand and she states that the most selfish person is the most altruistic of all but because it’s a known fact that he is selfish and he doesn’t care.


Here’s his “heart-breaking” back story;

Once upon a time, there lived a guy. He was incredibly nice.

He used to live to please people. ( He was the kind of guy who was the sweetest of all but got friend zoned every time) Their smiles used to bring his smile. He used to think that good people always thought about others first. And he was a good person. After all,an altruist is the noblest of all. His stairway for heaven was so well lit.

But his place in heaven might have been reserved for life after death but his life before death was definitely not that heavenly.

His happiness wasn’t actually his.

Love was so beautifully one-sided. ( Told you he was friend-zoning material)

There was Bitterness that he wouldn’t acknowledge.

There were tears that he mistook for being of joy.

There was loneliness that seemed too ironic to be true.

And there were smiles that strained his lips but never brightened his eyes.


Such Naive Fool.

And then it dawned on him;

Oh! Stupid son of a bitch! If you will always live for others then who will live for you?

Scruples? Morals? Rules?

Black? White?Grey?

Such foolishness. Such illusion. Where had he left his brain?

You can sacrifice all you want for people and the truth is that they might not even acknowledge. You have to put your interests first. World isn’t a fair place and nobody expects you to be fair either. So, why bother?

Why bother being good?

Why bother being anything?

Can’t we not just do what we want to do and not think about whether it will drag us to heaven or hell?

Do we always have to be angels?

Can’t we not care?

Of course,we can. Those are the ones who rule, ironically.

The greatest joy is in living for your own self. If you give something then it doesn’t mean that you are obligated to get something back. And if you get something, then you are not obligated to give it back. If you can then good, if you can’t then move ahead and go on.

Don’t whine over your guilt. Somebody might care if you are a bad guy. But nobody will care if you are good.

Do things for your own self and meanwhile if it benefits others then good.

It doesn’t? Well…

Keep the gods of guilt away. Please.

Nobody gives a shit. And the ones who do will impose their own guilt on you.



So, here’s a weird question;

How much selfish are you?



I recommend more.







6 thoughts on “How much selfish are you?

  1. dont you think its pretty one sided ? i mean you have focused too much on “the world dosent care” ….. i think we should be able to get the best in life by being ourselves not being selfish


  2. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, so many other ideal live for others. they sacrifice their life, actually not for others but for themselves because its the only things makes them happy,
    they wants to serve other by being kind.
    Yes, I am also selfish that sometime I spend time with myself for me.

    It relates in some way to me too,..
    Thank You


    • Glad to know you relate to this. 🙂 Just a little free ki advice since this article resonated with you–If you haven’t read the books by Ayn rand and read about Objectivism, You will be thanking me later. 😛


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