Being a bride and the after effects;

Well,I have never been a bride ( too bad it’s not an every day affair) but then attending two weddings till the very end within a span of a month compelled my mind to nag me over and over to write something, SOMETHING about them.

Write girl! Write! If you won’t write then you know I am not going to let you live peacefully.

And you know me damn well to know that I am not kidding.

Who can rebel against the oppressive rule of one’s autocratic mind! So, here I was working amongst the evil laughter of my brain and pouring the words out..


Are the tears in my eyes filled with pain or with joy?

Why does the smile on my lips seem to have something to deny?

It’s the confusion I have whether to laugh or to cry,

I am the person who doesn’t know whether to say hi or good bye.

She looks into my teary eyes and says “It’s alright”.

I find myself in her loving arms and stand there holding her tight.

“I am happy” he says with a smile and tears rolling down his face,

And I let myself cry into his warm and protective embrace,

And there stands the prince smiling like he always had,

Holding a promise of never making me sad,

I stand bemused before the confusion of whether to laugh or to cry,

I am the person today who doesn’t know whether to say hi or good bye.


An excerpt is what I have shared here but at this instant life is offering you with two beautiful options for a even more beautiful question I am going to pose…

Do you want read the whole article?

1)Do I want to read it? OF COURSE!

2)Read the whole article? Are you kidding? Hell yeah!

P.S. The links won’t send you to any ad pages ( DO YOU SERIOUSLY THINK SO LOW OF ME?) it will just direct you to the relevant page of the online magazine I write for.


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