The high profile controversy of inked finger Selfie

I voted. Should I post my inked finger selfie?
Oh, no, totally not because if you do then it would mean that you don’t want to change the system but just your Facebook Dp.


Voting, especially for the first time, can be a very exciting experience. The little blue mark on your index finger of the left hand( that turns from “Yayy! I voted” to red, brown,black and finally to “This thing should get off now, I need to get my manicure done” ) gives you a very proud feeling. You know because voting is a good thing. People have fought for that. People have sacrificed their lives for that. It is our well earned right. So, if you are not voting just for ” who would go to that stupid school in such a hot day”, then you know you are not a smart person.

But I am not here to create awareness about voting. Please, I care the least about that. I am here to talk about whether I should upload my inked finger selfie or not because on the social networking sites, people have associated them with ‘an act of disrespect and carelessness towards the nation’

“It’s a shame people have voted only for changing their Dps not for changing the ‘system'”

Changing Dp to changing system; Yeah, Because when I went to cast my vote the other day,I was thinking of the angles in which I will get myself clicked. And oops! I don’t remember whom I voted for!

Sadly, that is not true. Uploading an inked finger selfie IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO not caring about the country.

Uploading an inked finger selfie is equivalent to ” I love to show people that I voted because I like to assume they care too much about what I do everyday and they would be very much delighted to see my photo even if I know that is exactly not the case”

I am not defending this inked finger selfie trend because I am a selfie freak myself ( which by the way, you might have got from my tone that I am not. I am quite opposite of it. I have never in my life photographed myself. I do not even have the famous “one-piece selfie”). I am defending it because sometimes I am just too tired of ‘reading’ ( exact term would be seeing) the statuses/ tweets that drips with concern. Of course, the person posting them is concerned! But about the wrong meaningless issues.

Half of the population doesn’t get to eat in our country, and all you can think of is selfies and how bad they are?

Uploading selfie is too mainstream and quite irritating. I agree. But having a debate over why should they be uploaded is a stupidity.

And since that is exactly what I am doing here, so I am stupid too. But I am not “for” or “against” anything. I am neutral and  what I want to say is-

‘What wrong has an inked finger selfie done to our nation?’


It is just another form of self expression. You don’t find it good?You find it too hard to tolerate?

Then you know, don’t give it the honour of getting into your nerves. Selfies do not deserve it. You are too cool for that. Ignore them and move on.

You don’t want to follow the trend. Then don’t. But please don’t associate meaningless issues with them!

IGNORE. Don’t take the extra load of changing people’s habits on you. If you really want to bring a change then go by the old rule; Be that change.

A note from the author:

In reality, I don’t actually care about what people do on social networking sites. But I figured I needed to write something for the blog.So there it was!

Quite frankly, you can post whatever you like, whatever shit that is on your mind anytime, anywhere. After all self expression is a delicious delight. The more you eat, the hungrier you get! And what are social networking sites for anyway! To debate over stupid issues?HELL YES! To post shitty statuses? HELL YES! To upload heavily edited but still bad Photos? HELL YES!

One might make fun of your posts but then they are people like me and they have nothing better to do.





But still, I would like to say-

“Uploading an inked finger selfie and the youth of the country being in a sorry state because they just don’t care about the nation?”


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