Bollywood ; why is it getting more ridiculous day by day?

Now that we have reached in an era wherein the movies like Chennai express and Grand masti are making record breaking amount of money, my faith in Bollywood has shot down to such a low number that it can be declared extinct.

The future of bollywood seems to be shining very bright.

Producers will not have to pay much for script writers or the directors. All you need is a famous actor.

And poof; Make a movie on a guy walking from home to office.

Super hit.

Make a movie on a guy walking from home to office, while lifting some cars on the way with his little finger.

Super duper hit.

Make a movie on a guy walking from home to office, while lifting some cars on the way with his little fingers and simultaneously fighting with some guys who were supposedly trying to kidnap the heroine.

Meanwhile, there should be loads and loads of meaningless ,cheap and vulgar dialogues. No matter what kind of movie it is; there must and MUST be one item song and innumerable double meaning ( or just straight single meaning) dialogues and by any chance there must not even be half a p of physics and one eighth an S of sense.

And the movie will definitely be a huge grosser.

Where is the future of bollywood going?

Do we have scarcity of story writers?

No,I don’t think so.

Good actors?

Nope, not at all.

Good directors?

There are many.


Yeah, maybe. (Why do they and how can they finance such movies at all?)

Good audience?

Either people have become so desperate to watch a movie and have so much more money than sense that they will not only buy all song and apps from itunes and buy new apple products every year but also spend their money in buying the tickets for ridiculously idiotic movies every Friday.

If audience is making such movies such great hits, then obviously we should be sure as hell that there is going to be some serious dosage of these in coming years.

Bollywood ; why is it getting more ridiculous day by day?

Well, because, people want it to.

And since good movies hit the theatres on rare occasions even people have no choice but spend their weekend watching a movie that’s poisonous enough to kill time just in a matter of few seconds.

But there is a good news – good movies may hit the theatres on rare occasion but the fact is they do hit the theater and get recognition ( Queen, for example). Producers who really do give a damn about the story and the script still exist, directors and actors who really want to make a difference with their movies are not extinct. So,even if bollywood is getting more ridiculous day by day, it will always have some reasons to look up and not be completely hopeless.

^At least, that is what I hope. And pray.

Signing off,



3 thoughts on “Bollywood ; why is it getting more ridiculous day by day?

  1. I think more than people spending loads on money on useless movies, its the face value of some actors/actresses that appeals to people. And this has allowed directors and producers to exploit people by employing ridiculous acts. It has become a money oriented market, not a perfection oriented one.


  2. The flickering flame that was my faith in Bollywood was restored for a few moments by Highway and Queen and then quickly shot down to earth again by Main Tero Hero..which I had gone to watch considering it to be a senseless comedy, it turned out to be much worse!


    • ‘Main Tera Hero’ was a waste of my precious 2 hours. In the beginning, I was so much excited about it being good, funny and humorous and possibly act as a cure for my shitty day. But oh boy! I was better off without watching that movie since it only left me with a headache and a conversation with the Almighty over how he should just kill me because apparently, common sense and practical mindset is not so common anymore!


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