Where did you go?

A poetic version of a sad incident I happened to read in the newspaper a few years ago. Of course, some of the images that is conveyed in this poem is imagined but the incident from which this is inspired from is very much real. I don’t know that woman ( whom this post is all about) but here is my tribute to her. May you rest in peace.


The load of earth and bricks caressing my feeble back, A little ending air, and the world going black,
But these tiny little hands, and tiny little eyes,
Carry an abundance of hues and the beauty of a sunrise,
What more could I have got? What more could I have expected?
Her heart beating,
And mine dying,
The span of my life being flamboyantly dissected.

I have lived my life, I have played my part, I have watched you growing, and slowly walking apart,
I kept asking why, to me and to you,
But you never told and you never would do.
So close, yet so far, same roof but miles away,
Nothing else to do but to cry, hope and pray,
But I kept loving you son, I have had and I always will,
There is a place in my heart, that no one but you can fill.

So what you don’t talk? You simply ignore, go ahead and walk? You have erased me from your life to be with your wife.
But I don’t feel offended son, I know how much you love,
The rest of world is far below and she is high above.
You two have my blessings, never fall apart!
Be together forever, Stay in each other’s hearts!

Your year old daughter reminds me of you, Your lovely eyes and face, your innocence brand new,
She is your life, she is your soul, she is your everything,
Summer, winter, rainy, autumn, she is your lovely spring.
And now wrapped in my dying arms, but completely secure….

I wonder if I saved her because She is who I care for,
I wonder if I saved her because She is everything I adore,
I wonder if I saved her because I love her from deepest of my core,
But I know I saved her because I have always loved you more.

To the woman who lost her life saving her fifteen months old grand daughter.

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