Random words on “familiar” strangers

There are so many faces in this world, some are meant to be forgotten , some are meant to stay nameless but yet familiar , some to be held  closest to our hearts and some made to keep miles away. Every day we come across different people .Every day is filled with strangers yet somehow its only a few who are able to make it to our memories. Out of those which qualify to become a memory, some are never seen again but yet they turn up in our heads for no particular reason and some mysteriously turn up again and stop being a stranger, and at least become an acquaintance.

There are people about whom you don’t really care. There are people who are highly unlikely to affect your life in any way. There are people whom you know but they don’t qualify the criteria of actual knowing. But yet, when you see them you feel something that’s not normal.

Recognition. Yeah, we easily recognize the people we know, but what about the people we don’t?

Oh, she looks different now.

 Woah! he lives in London nowadays.

She is married now. Even got a kid.

If you don’t really give a damn about that person, why do you find yourself wondering about him or her?

Why looking at her or him or talking about her(him) is necessary?

Why do we think about them?

Maybe because they are not simply  just strangers.

They are familiar strangers.

The ones who were once in your school or in your college or in your locality. The ones who have been topic of your discussions even if you don’t really know them. The ones you have envied ,the ones you have laughed at. The ones who pretended that you do not exist or vice versa.

And yet the fact that you might never be able to see them again in the future surprisingly shocks you.


So many faces, so many people, and all they do is to become a memory. And we so easily let them become one. Maybe  because we all  love memories. We all hate memories. And we all know that its memories who make us who we are.

So, even if it might seem that these people do not actually matter to you in your life but the fact that they were there around you, means somehow they do matter in some little way. Maybe just to be the topic of your useless meaningless headless discussions, but those discussions might have brought you closer to your present day close friends, or  sisters or brothers or maybe parents. Didn’t these strangers just made us stay close with one of the most significant people in our lives? In their own tiny way, they did.


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