A night enlightened without lights

At a distance, the gas flare keeps burning all day, all night, keeping it surroundings smeared with yellow paint, or sometimes by the black smoke, which are often concealed by the darkness of the night.

The streets are usually too busy flaunting off their diamond necklaces running on electricity.

The houses are mostly too involved in their own selves, their own brightness to notice themselves and be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they look when they are seen  twinkling from the distance.

I am sitting here ignoring these beauties because I am simply too preoccupied  hoping for a better life, for a happier tomorrow, for a future where all my dreams have come true.

I am supposedly too busy to search for the stars ,which nowadays wear a blanket of clouds and urban lights to play a game of hide and seek, where the only rule is that they get to be the ones who hide.

I am too busy to notice the Moon that keeps shining, sometimes barely visible, sometimes barely invisible and the way she stands there, always, smiling brightly despite being told that she has an ugly spots-struck face ,which by the way, just makes her one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

I am simply just too much entangled with my life.

There is a fact about the sun and the moon; No matter what happens they never go away.

But the tiny suns and moons which we have created on earth are not that reliable. All it takes is a malfunctioning rotor or a broken transmission line and they forget everything they were given birth for.

And whenever this happens, whenever our suns and moons settle down unexpectedly, whenever there is nothing but pitch black darkness, it all slowly comes into picture.

Busy schedule hides away under scowls and curses to the transmission grid or more often to god.

With boiling blood and enraged mind we go out to catch some air.

And it is then we discover a night that is enlightened without any lights.

Why does it take a black out to realize how soothing it is to walk in nothing but a moon light.

To listen to crickets.

To watch the bats flying around.

To come across the cats with their shining eyes.

To get scared of dogs who are in turned too scared of you.

To realize how amusing it is to look at the faint but visible stars.

To compliment the moon.

To feel the cool natural air.

To realize how big the whole universe is and how, practically, we play so so tiny role in it.

How does it feel to be scared, to be crossed and to be in love with the darkness simultaneously?

How does it feel to break away from the world and be in the company of you yourself?

It feels good.

The past goes away.

The future stays hidden.

And all that is left is the present.

The darkness.

The amusement.

The fright.

The happiness.

The hope.



One thought on “A night enlightened without lights

  1. Amazing 🙂
    I can So relate to this. Hate the fact that we’re too busy being unhappy about so many things to stop and smile about the simple things in life.. My favorite line: “How does it feel to be scared, to be crossed and to be in love with the darkness simultaneously?” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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