you know what I did this Diwali

There are many festivals that we keep celebrating throughout the year in India, but Diwali, especially, for the North Indians is like the king of all other festivals.

What we do on Diwali?

Well, the Check list includes:

  • Before Diwali;

Clean the house, make the sweets and snacks, Decorate your house, buy new clothes, Gift other people.

  • On Diwali;

Prepare for Puja, Make Rangoli, Dress up in new clothes, Do the Puja, eat the delicious sweets your mother made, Fire the crackers, meet friends, gift them and invite them to your house.

All the above is done for the Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that she is the one who brings money and happiness in homes. So, on the occasion of Diwali the houses are cleaned and decorated so that the goddess has a nice cozy beautiful place to stay for a long long time.

Now, getting back to the question of what “I” did this Diwali.

Well, I could have said that I helped mum clean home and make sweets but well, that would be a clean flat lie.

Basically, I did nothing except making Rangoli. And since that’s the only thing I do on every Diwali, and I have been doing on every Diwali, this post is going to be about it.

After having lunch, we sat down to draw on the floor. I was doing more of an bad assistance job by striking off the chalks here and there on all the wrong places, so after a while I busied myself with photography and let the professional a.k.a my elder sister handle it.


This is my sister, the main architect of the Rangoli.

After almost an hour we finally had our Rangoli Sketch completed.


It was time to fill our peacock and lotus with the colored sand you see in front of the design. After having a few minutes spent over what should be filled where, we decided it was absolutely futile to discuss. So we started with the parts that do not require any discussion over colour selection.

The water and the lotus.

Blue and Pink.



The one you see  in black T-shirt is the one who is writing this.

And now,we are joined by my other sister. (For those who somehow happen to wonder how many sisters I have. Well, the answer is two. Both elder to me.)


After a while, when we are done with the base part, we moved on to the “partying” peacock. ( the name is the courtesy of the golden highlight in his wings that was about to happen sometime later.)


There was so much to do in the wings and the feathers. And we had no idea where to fill which colour. At this point our chief Rangoli designer ( read my eldest sister) went with her instincts and we followed her, giving our suggestions in between which sometimes got veto and sometimes got accepted.


( here you can see how our peacock transformed into a chick – hint; that golden highlight in the wing)

Some more time later…


At this point, we realized that our “chick” needed more feathers. So, we added blue ones on top of the green ones.


^ Here I am making Bengali style bases for Diya.

The evening had already approached, and we needed to give the finishing touch, pack up and dress up in our new clothes.

So, we start adding the glasses, and sparkles and other to-be-added-in-the-end kind of  things.

And this what we end up with;



And here the ones who made it.

Since I am not a “show off”, so I haven’t included myself here.

(Fine! they forgot to take my pic! Or rather I forgot to take my own pic. :-/)

This is the final product;

Diwali Rangoli

So, now you  know what I did this Diwali.

In case you want to know what I did Last Diwali…

Well the answer is;


And in just case, you want to know what I did last to last Diwali;


And just in case you are still here, and you somehow still want to know what I did last to last to last Diwali;

Then, sorry folks I don’t have pics!

Courtesy; the hard disk crash.


5 thoughts on “you know what I did this Diwali

  1. Bloody hell !! And I was boasting of my rangoli !! How long did it take you guys to do this? 😐
    I am saving these designs for my next and next to next and next to next to next diwalis 😛


    • It took roughly three to four hours to complete this.( And that too when three of us were making it, we tend to spend a lot of time over this) You surely are allowed to use it for next Diwali, or next to next Diwali, or whenever you feel like making a Rangoli. No copyrights attached! 😉


  2. Hats off to you, girlz, you did just a super fab job!! Surely you guyz would have won the 1st place at a Rangoli competition! :)) I m a fan of your creations 😉


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